SEO Cost & Budget Calculator

SEO Cost and Budget Calculator is a tool that allows you to input information about your budget for SEO efforts, as well as other relevant information about your business and website, and receive an estimate of the potential costs associated with various SEO strategies.

This can be helpful for businesses and individuals looking to plan their SEO efforts and allocate their budget effectively. These calculators may also provide estimates for the potential return on investment (ROI) of various SEO tactics, helping you to make informed decisions about where to allocate your budget.


These tools are for illustration purposes only. Not used to determine the actual budget.

Calculating the SEO budget is very complex because different businesses, niches, websites and regions are also very influential in the calculation results.

Facts about SEO budgeting

  • The average SEO costs $ 101-150 per hour (hourly based)
  • The average SEO costs $501 – 1000 per month (monthly based)
  • The longer the SEO expert’s experience, the more expensive the fee
  • Worldwide SEO is more expensive than local SEO
  • Agency for expensive than consultant

SEO budgeting statistics

Source: Ahrefs Survei