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Rishal Media is a Digital Marketing Consultant located in Bandung. Active since 2019 and continues to expand into various digital marketing lines.

We focus and consistently assist small to medium scale business owners in developing business management in the digital marketing area.

Stick to experience based on research and analysis to get accurate and precise data.

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About rishal media

Who We Are

From Small to Global

Fronted by Septian Rishal who has had a professional career since 2017. It all started from being a blogger since 2012, studying SEO to working in Digital Marketing Agencies.

After working at a Digital Marketing Agency, meeting various mentors and professional online businessmen, I learned a lot of knowledge ranging from building a digital marketing team, planning strategies and goals, reading situation trends by utilizing various channels ranging from performance marketing, social media marketing, branding, KOL and influencer marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations to marketplace optimization.

After several years of handling clients and starting to level up from a specialist to a supervisor, strategist, lead to head of digital marketing, starting from 2019 he opened his own consulting service.

The experience for approximately 10 years has resulted in in-depth skills ranging from analysis, strategy to execution. Helping companies and brands to go digital and take advantage of all the potential that can be explored through digital.


Experience is Gold

Every second, we continue to learn, increase our knowledge capacity and continue to improve our experience.


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